Updated Advanced Angling Statement on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

24th March 2020

‘The Burghfield Complex is now temporarily closed due to the updated Covid-19 Government policies – we will update you when the situation changes.’

You probably heard the news yesterday and as we anticipated, the government is locking down the country from today except for specific essential travel etc. Therefore as of today the Burghfield Complex is now temporarily closed. See Advanced Angling statement above.

We are speaking with EA, local police and our bailiff team today to implement our security plan for the Burghfield Complex.

Blue Pool and Gold Lake bookings: we will contact you directly on a week by week basis to make arrangements/reschedule sessions. Thank you for your patience – this is a situation which is being reviewed by government again in 3 weeks time.

Members: non-compliance will lead to loss of membership.

Thank you for your understanding and compliance. If we all follow the new rules these measures will be reviewed according to updated government policy.

Keep safe,


Phil Greenacre
Advanced Angling Group Director