Our fish today

We are very proud of our range of carp stock, having some of the following strains in our waters; Leney, Leney/Dink, Holtwood, Fishers Pond, Sutton/Dink, and Emporer carp to name but a few.

Future stocking

We are working with our British suppliers to continue to improve and select the very best carp for our venues.

One of our key suppliers is VS Fisheries, where we work closely with Simon Scott and Viv Shears. To get an idea of the quality of their fish see the following link:

“VS Fisheries we are delighted to be working with Advanced Angling and to be supplying our carp to their impressive waters over the years to come.

All our fish at VS Fisheries are produced from historic, and often exclusive, bloodlines that have made angling history and we hope will continue to do so for many more generations of carp anglers.

Our brood stock pool consists of various well known bloodlines such as Leneys and Dinkesbuehl, and in addition we have the famous Sutton-at-Hone, original North Harrow Waltonian and Colnemere Black Mirror bloodlines from which we produce our fish.

We look forward to seeing our fish prospering in the various waters under the Advanced Angling umbrella and sure they will become some of carp angling’s future history!” –Viv Shears

With the Environmental agency’s support, we are also managing our rivers carefully so that the next generation of barbel, chub and large roach are coming through our venues.