Burghfield Blue Pool

This lake is one of the most prolific carp fisheries in the country, admired for its beauty, crystal clear water and the sheer number of large fish in this secluded, intimate 4 acre lake.

Home to 8 known carp around 36lb-42lb and over 150 British carp between 20lb-35lb plus 30 Emperor strain carp between 15lb-20lb.

Located in the heart of Burghfield near Reading, the lake is open for exclusive lake bookings for parties of up to 10 people (we recommend 8 anglers).

This lake is renowned for its stalking where the quiet and observant angler catches close in at the margins.

The winter carp fishing here has a well-deserved reputation, if the group works as a team they will see the best results. This is the place to be when other fisheries are feeling the cold.

Venue opens all year round, with a reduction in rates over Dec–Feb period.