How to book Advanced Angling Blue Pool

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Availability and Booking Information

Blue Pool (£200 per 24hrs – up to 10 anglers – exclusive lake booking) is currently available starting:

no Jan/Feb/Mar/April/May/June ’20 dates available on Blue Pool – we have more availability on the lake next to Blue Pool called Gold Lake. 

9:30am Sun 19th July ’20 (up to 6 nights available)

9:30am Wed 5th August ’20 (up to 2 nights available)

9:30am Mon 10th August ’20 (up to 4 nights available)

no Sept/Oct ’20 dates remaining – see the lake next to Blue Pool called Gold Lake for Sept/Oct ‘20 dates

Blue Pool is currently available throughout November 2020 apart from 1st & 6th-10th Nov ’20.

Blue Pool is currently available throughout December 2020 apart from 3rd/4th/5th, 11th/12th/13th & 24th-27th Dec ’20 (winter rate of £100 per 24hrs)

We book up quickly and have a lot of people looking at the dates above.

Payment Information

Deposit to be paid to guarantee booking. Outstanding balance and group details required no later than 30 days prior to session starting.

We take payment via BACS payment. We don’t take payments over the phone.

We will email you the Advanced Angling account details to request deposits/payments once we have established a suitable session.

Only anglers over 18 years of age are permitted.

Availability correct as of 21/1/20.

Please fill out the form above to book.