Burghfield Gold Lake

Our current availability is listed underneath the enquiry form here: https://www.advanced-angling.com/our-venues/burghfield-gold-lake/how-to-book/
Gold Lake is a truly beautiful 3 acre specimen carp lake, with gin clear, weedy water and natural food source – the carp here have such growth potential.
This intimate lake now has 15 carp between 30lb+ – 44lb 4oz, around 50 carp between 20lb-29lb and another 35 carp between 15-20lb.
Over the past few years we have introduced 50 British “Jurassic” Holtwood mirrors, VS fisheries “Sovereign” carp and hand-picked “Emperor” strain carp, which are growing steadily alongside Gold Lake’s original carp stock.
We offer exclusive lake bookings for a group of up to 6 anglers.
Gold Lake venue normally opens all year round with reduced winter rates in Dec-Feb and is the up-and-coming Burghfield lake to fish.