Burghfield Main Lake

Recognised as one of the UK’s famous carp lakes, this idyllic, spacious, quiet, and challenging water boasts one of the largest genuine English common carp in the country- ‘The Burghfield Common’ caught at 62lb 8oz.

With many other carp to mid-forties and a good head of mirror carp exceeding 35lb and still hosting original Leney strain to 30lb+, such as “classic carp” and “Double Belly”, this water with its natural food source has such potential for years to come.

Well-known anglers such as Dave Lane, Terry Hearn and Oz Holness have put the time and effort into this water, to reap the rewards this venue can bring.

“During my stay I absolutely fell in love with the place. Obviously the Burghfield Common itself is the driving force behind fishing at the venue but, there is so much more to be enjoyed, and a lot of fantastic fish to be caught along the way.

Every nook and cranny of the lake holds a certain mystery and it draws you in completely.

In my short stay I managed to tempt thirty one of the lakes residents, including a brace of thirties from right underneath the rod tips.

I once found the common in a tiny bay and spent a mesmerising day filming and photographing this elusive beast as she glided, carefree, amongst the weed beds. Sights like this will always remain etched in my memory.

My only regret is that it seemed to be over before I was ready; maybe I will return again at some stage and fish in some of the many alluring little swims I used to visit, and dream of finding fish there.
For now though, the Burghfield Common is a quest for other, like-minded, anglers and one day it will be the realisation of their dreams, as it was mine.
A remarkable and historic fish from an equally remarkable venue.” – Dave Lane

“…there are plenty over thirty pounds and probably four or five over forty pounds at the right time of the year. The stock is topped by the Big Common, which has only ever been caught nine times to my knowledge, with a top weight of 57lb. Apart from the carps classic looks and perfect condition, it’s also known as being a bit of a challenge…which to be honest is what makes the common such an elusive and prestigious fish. I can’t think of a bigger challenge in the carp world.” – Terry Hearn

“The capture of the mighty Burghfield Common at 55lb.4oz.is stunning and awe inspiring fish, seen by very few people. Truly Burghfield’s ultimate prize with only a handful of documented captures and a deserved reputation for being the most enigmatic and beautiful of carp.”- Oz Holness