Burghfield Main Lake additional Covid 19 Rules 

Membership is subject to compliance with the current government measures, Angling Trust covid-19 updates: https://anglingtrust.net/covid-19/ including the following additional COVID-19 rules and general Main Lake rules below:
  1. Anyone showing signs or symptoms of Covid 19 cannot come on site.
  2. Anyone developing said symptoms while on site must leave the complex. No self isolating on lake.
  3. Each individual must bring: gloves, hand sanitizer or antibacterial soap for their own use and disinfectant to wash locks, gates and fishing equipment that will be used on site including handles.
  4. Disinfect toilet door handle and clean area after each use.
  5. When leaving site disinfect locks and gates and any other surfaces you have touched.

Burghfield Main Lake Membership Rules

Membership runs 1st April – 31st March each year.

As a member you are required to comply with the following rules:

  1. All Covid-19 rules on Advanced Angling website, Burghfield whatsapp group and correspondence from our office.
  2. Your annual membership ID card (digital) must be with you when fishing or visiting the complex. Random checks will be made by bailiffs, you will need to show your membership ID card (digital) when requested – show on smartphone alongside your current Environmental Agency rod license.
  3. Members may fish for up to a maximum of 4 days on the lake and then 48hrs off the lake. Whether on for a 1-4 night session you need to be off the lake for a minimum of 48hrs. 
  4. Only members are permitted on site with no guests, no fishing at other lakes other than Burghfield Main Lake (i.e. Burghfield River, Blue Pool and Gold Lake are not part of the syndicate).
  5. Gates must be locked at all times when not in use. If for some reason you lose the codes, please contact the office on 01425 674951 or our head bailiff team (Matthew Slade 07549842380 & Garry Dickson 07979234649).
  6. Anyone fishing/walking in the out of bounds areas will lose their membership. Only designated swims may be fished. Out of bounds areas are in red and white shading on the map. You can fish to the waters around Searle’s Farm as we have the fishing rights but please keep your rigs at least 2 metres away from the area.
  7. Pegs 42+43 (Compound swim/Car Park swims on Searle’s Farm Lane) are officially owned by the JMould estate and Advanced Angling have the fishing rights – these swims are available for members to fish and if there are any disputes about this area please contact the office on 01425 674951or our leadership team Matthew Slade 07549842380, Garry Dickson 07979234649 or Danny Rigby 07572896626. If there is any threatening behaviour from any persons please contact the police 999.
  8. The swims by Pingewood Road North are still open to members on a trial basis. From 2021 pegs 60 & 61 (in No Carp Bay) will be added to this trial for members. Please note that Mouldy’s Point is still out of bounds to members, however for a trial basis, the leadership team Matt Slade, Garry Dickson and Danny Rigby only, have been authorised to fish and patrol these areas. Hopefully if the trial goes well, and members comply with the rules and keep off the out of bounds areas, we will be able to enjoy this part of the lake in future seasons.
  9. All anglers must use the following:
    •  A large dry landing net at least 42” inches wide.
    •  A large dry padded unhooking mat big enough for a 60lb plus carp, minimum 37” x 32” (preferably cradles to be used).
    • A large dry weight sling at least 42” inches wide.
    • Fish must always be transported from the un-hooking mat to the water in a retention sling.
    • Under no circumstances should a fish be carried in your arms.
    • All fish caught must be returned to the water as soon as possible after weighing and photographs (no more than 3 minutes out of the water).
    • When taking a photograph of the fish always have one knee down, never stand up with the fish. Ensure you have a bucket of water to keep the fish cool.
  10. Keepnets are not permitted. Carp retaining slings are permitted at night but must be securely tied up – fish must be returned ASAP after daylight/pictures taken.
  11. Strictly no moving of fish under any circumstances. Advanced Angling will ban and seek to prosecute anyone found doing so.
  12. No rod may be left unattended with bait or hook in the water. 3 rods are permitted per angler.
  13. Minimum of 15lbs breaking strain for line to be used when fishing for carp and pike. For smaller species such as tench, roach, perch and silvers, lighter tackle is allowed. Any break off or damages to tackle or line must be reported to the bailiff team.
  14. No barbless hooks above size 14, 16, 18, etc.
  15. No fixed leads or death rigs.
  16. Pike fishing is between the 1st October and the 31st March where separate pike rules are to be observed – speak with our office on 01425 674951.
  17. We only allow quality frozen/fresh baits on our waters. Shelf life baits are banned. Unused bait must not be thrown into lake at the end of sessions. Tiger nuts can be used if prepared properly and used sparingly.
  18. Boating is not permitted.
  19. Bait boats are permitted on the lake. (However NO bait boating between 1st June – 30th September due to weed). Please do not use them in the Pulleyn family waters (see red lines on the map), near the ski club buoys or whilst the ski boat is in use. Bait boats no longer need to be tethered but must be kept within a responsible distance, especially to promote fish safety, i.e. as a guide, if you can’t cast to it normally, don’t put your bait boat there. Bailiffs are not available at a drop of a hat for recovery, no recovery will be made once it starts getting dark, with a fee of £25 for each recovery attended. Do not take a boat out to recover your bait boat (no boating). If we see abuse of these bait boat rules the specific member will be banned.
  20. Do not cast towards the buoys to avoid snagging.
  21. Do not place bait in an area that you cannot extract the fish from safely.
  22. Braided line and leadcore is allowed on this venue.
  23. Suitable quality fish care solutions must be used on hookholds or abrasions.
  24. When setting rods on alarms, please use your off-switch to maintain the peace on the lake. Constant beeping is not acceptable.
  25. Any form of abuse to the bailiff team will not be tolerated and will result in loss of membership.
  26. Whilst alcohol is not banned from the complex, drunken behaviour and any alcohol, drug or solvent abuse will not be tolerated and anyone found under the influence will have their membership taken away.
  27. A reasonable standard of behaviour is expected at all times, meaning no shouting, loud music, using bright torches or any other anti-social behaviour. Please be considerate at all times to other anglers and neighbours.
  28. Wading is permitted but only up to thigh level. No swimming at any time.
  29. Care and respect for the site should be shown at all times including no cutting or climbing of trees unless authorised by leadership team.
  30. No litter will be tolerated. At the end of your session please take your litter home with you.
  31. The toilet available is at Cottage Lane (Gold Lake). Please use these as anyone caught defecating in the undergrowth will be asked to leave. Please leave toilet facilities as you wish to find them. It’s essential that nobody puts any bagged waste in the toilet.
  32. Dogs are to be kept on leads at all times and please dispose of all waste appropriately.
  33. Barbeques or any fires are NOT permitted by the lake due to the high risk of fire hazard, only proper cooking equipment is to be used and must always be supervised.
  34. The official Advanced Angling car parks are at Cottage Lane or Searle’s Farm Lane (Compound car park). We won’t be opening the Pingewood Road North car park but please park tightly on the roadside to access swims 52-61. No parking of any vehicles at any time on Searles Farm Road. Only use the AA car park at the end of the lane (Compound swim), your equipment must be barrowed to the swims. The lay-by at the entrance to Searles Farm Road can be used for Alsatian Bay only but a maximum of 3 vehicles only can be parked here at one time (please be aware the public use this lay-by so always park responsibly).
  35. Any fish found distressed, diseased or dead should be reported to the bailiff team as soon as possible. Sightings of otters and mink should also be reported to the bailiff team.
  36. All fish, irrespective of size and species should be treated with the same respect.
  37. Please keep away from the crayfish nets and do not remove them.
  38. All members are expected to help out alongside the bailiff team in some capacity on >2 work parties on the Burghfield Main Lake per year – more information will be communicated by the bailiffs on the Burghfield Work Parties WhatsApp group (please contact bailiff Danny Rigby on 07572896626 for more details and dates).
  39. When the fish are spawning the lake will be closed for fishing for a period of at least 7 days. You can still walk the lake and feed areas. We understand the fish will spawn more than once, in the event that only small groups of fish gather to spawn then certain areas of the lake will be closed. If a large group of fish spawn together then the lake will close completely for fishing. Notifications will be sent via WhatsApp as soon as the lake is closed and again when it is appropriate to reopen.
  40. No drones are to be used on the Burghfield complex AT ANY TIME, unless prior permission has been given by Advanced Angling or the local authority.
  41. Members must read and comply with the following terms and conditions as found at this link – https://www.advanced-angling.com/our-venues/burghfield-main-lake/terms-and-conditions/
  42. Anglers fish at Advanced Angling Venues at their own risk however in case of emergency please use following Procedure below;

Emergency Procedure: Administer first aid where necessary. Contact emergency services if appropriate.

List of contacts:

  1. Emergency Services: 999
  2. Matt Slade Head Bailiff: 07549842380
  3. Garry Dickson Deputy Head Bailiff: 07979234649
  4. Philip Greenacre Group Director: 01425 674951 or 07968193707
  5. Inform us at info@advanced-angling.com

Any infringement on the above rules, terms and conditions will result in disciplinary action or the loss of your membership with no refund given. We understand that experienced anglers already observe these rules and we hope you enjoy this historic water.

We would request photographs of any fish caught over 30lbs sent to us at: info@advanced-angling.com

Revised March 2021