Burghfield River Kennet

We have a few spaces available on the 2024/2025 Burghfield River Kennet membership: https://www.advanced-angling.com/our-venues/burghfield-river-kennet/how-to-join/

Martin Bowler: “The river Kennet at Burghfield is one of the most prolific sections of this marvellous waterway. Big barbel, well into double figures, can be found in numbers giving brilliant sport throughout the season. Don’t think however that this is the only species to target as the chub also grown to specimen proportions. With a variety of swims from a gorgeous weir pool to fast flowing sections full of cover it really is a place that tempts you to cast a line. If you want to fish the Kennet then I can strongly recommend this venue”.

This stretch of the River Kennet at Burghfield is probably one of the best on the entire river with its massive barbel and variety of features. It has a large weir pool at the upstream end to the gravel shallows and then the slow, deep water beyond flows down to the second weir pool.

Huge Barbel over 17lb and enormous chub of over 7lb dominate this venue. Some good river carp up to 26lb are also present with pike, perch, roach and bream making this a truly mixed fishery. With careful management, the silver fish in this venue are making a comeback with good quality catches coming to the anglers that put in the effort.

If you want a double-figure Barbel then the River Kennet is the membership for you. The majority of the stocks are large specimens with anglers reporting more and more double-figure fish every year.

Maggot through the feeder sorts out the better chub whilst standard pellet or boilie hook baits do the business for the big whiskers and carp.