Burghfield River Kennet Syndicate Rules

The season on Burghfield River Kennet will commence on 16th June and end at midnight on 14th March.

As a member you are required to comply with the following simple rules:

  1. All members must hold a current Environmental Agency rod license to fish any of our waters
  2. Members only permitted on site with no guests, no fishing at other venues other than Burghfield River Kennet (i.e Main Lake, Blue Pool and Gold Lake is not part of the syndicate)
  3. Gates must be locked at all times when not in use. If for some reason you lose the code, please contact the office on 01425 272318 or our head bailiff team (Matthew Slade 07549842380 & Garry Dickson 07979234649)
  4. No fishing from the top of the weir or from the top of the high bank on the first straight below the weir. Bank erosion around the weir pool makes this area potentially hazardous, take care when fishing or walking past this area. Be aware the there is a public footpath along the southern bank. No swim building or clearing is permitted
  5. All anglers must use the following when fishing for large carp or barbel:

– A large dry landing net at least 36” inches wide

– A large dry padded unhooking mat big enough for a 18lb barbel or 25lb carp

– A large dry weigh sling at least 36” inches wide

– Fish must always be transported from un-hooking mat to water in a sack, sling or landing net for anglers’ safety when seasonal changes affect bank conditions.

Under no circumstances should a fish be carried in your arms

  1. All fish caught must be returned to the water as soon as possible after weighing and photographs (no more than 3 minutes out of the water)
  2. When taking a photograph of the fish always have one foot kneeling down, never stand up with fish. Ensure you have a bucket of water to keep the fish cool
  3. Keepnets are allowed but under NO circumstances shall carp, pike or barbel be kept in them (use large landing nets). Carp sacks are banned.
  4. Strictly no moving of fish under any circumstances. Advanced Angling will ban and seek to prosecute anyone found doing so
  5. Maximum of 2 rods to be used at any time
  6. No rod(s), whether baited or not, can be left unattended with line(s) in the water, you must wind in if you wish to leave your rod(s). Rod(s) will considered to be unattended if the angler is not in their swim. No baited hooks to be left unattended
  7. You are permitted to be away from your swim for no longer than 60 minutes after which time you must remove your tackle and vacate the swim
  8. When fishing for barbel and carp a minimum of 10lbs breaking strain for line. Any damages to tackle or line must be reported to the office
  9. Barbed and barbless hooks are permitted on the Burghfield River Kennet. No bent hooks or long shank curved hooks
  10. No fixed leads, death rigs or 360 degree rigs may be used
  11. Pike fishing is between 1st October till 14th March where separate pike rules are to be observed –please contact the office on 01425 272318 or our head bailiff team (Matthew Slade 07549842380 & Garry Dickson 07979234649)
  12. No bait boats allowed
  13. We strongly recommend quality frozen/fresh baits on the Burghfield River Kennet. Unused bait must not be thrown into the river at the end of sessions. Do not place bait in an area that you cannot extract the fish from safely
  14. Leadcore is banned on this venue
  15. Suitable quality fish care solutions must be used on hookholds or abrasions
  16. When setting rods on alarms, please use your off switch to maintain the peace on the river. Constant beeping is not acceptable. Please always keep alarm volumes to a minimum
  17. Any abuse to the bailiff team will not be tolerated
  18. Whilst alcohol is not banned from site, drunken behaviour will not be tolerated. Any alcohol, drug or solvent abuse will not be tolerated and anyone found under their influence will be asked to pack up and vacate the venue or risk being banned
  19. A reasonable standard of behaviour is expected at all times, meaning no shouting, loud music, using bright torches or any other anti-social behaviour
  20. No wading, no swimming or boating
  21. Night fishing is allowed with a maximum stay of 24 hours in any one swim. Umbrellas are only allowed for shelter, no bivvies or bed chairs
  22. Care and respect for the site should be shown at all times including no cutting or climbing of trees
  23. No litter will be tolerated. You will be asked to leave if there is litter in or around your swim. At the end of your session please take your litter home with you
  24. The toilets available are at Cottage Lane (Gold Lake) and the Cunning Man pub (during opening hours). Please use these as anyone caught defecating in the undergrowth will be asked to leave immediately. Please leave toilet facilities as you wish to find them. It’s essential that nobody puts any bagged waste in the toilet
  25. Dogs to be kept on leads at all times and all waste please dispose of appropriately
  26. BBQ’s are permitted, as long as the BBQ is self-contained and no damage is done to any vegetation or ground
  27. The official Advanced Angling car park is at Cottage Lane. Alternatively, you can use the unofficial car park at the Cunning Man pub
  28. Any fish found distressed or dead should be reported to the Advanced Angling office or our fishery’s bailiffs
  29. All fish, irrespective of size and species should be treated with the same respect
  30. All anglers will observe the out of bound signs
  31. Anglers fish at Advanced Angling Venues at their own risk. Please see our terms and conditions on www.advanced-angling.com

Any infringement on the above rules will result in suspension of fishing and could lead to the loss of your membership with no refund given. We understand that experienced anglers already observe these rules and we hope you enjoy our venues.

We would request photographs of any specimen sized fish to be sent to us at info@advanced-angling.com